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THEATRE: Country and Irish by Patrick McCabe


Peter Gowen takes the lead in Patrick McCabe’s Beckett-esque one-man show.

Meet Donie Burris who overcomes his troubles (which include his treacherous girlfriend, his overbearing Mum and the Midford Mafia) by imagining himself as “The star of his own gangster movie”.

Country and Irish is essentially the story of a man at the end of his tether who sets out to tell a story like no other; none you’ve ever heard before.

Directed by Conor Hanratty, McCabe’s triumphant theatrical display has been picking up rave reviews and great enthusiastic audience response.

"Simply glorious-laughs are irresistibly McCabe.” The Arts Review.

"A Layered and touching performance” Sunday Independent.

"Taps the toes and twangs the heart strings” Irish Independent.

"Slick production and deft performance” Irish Times.

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ممکن است 10، 2023
8: 00 pm - 9: 05 pm ساعت محلی UTC تنظیم شده اند

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