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Max Zanga presents Filmore! – Live Music Performance


Max Zanga of Tebi Rex is back with his alter ego Filmore! and he’s coming for your sanity. High energy and experimental punk music that’s sporadic in nature but brings with it a cathartic release.

Filmore! is the moniker of Irish singer, songwriter, rapper and visual artist Max Zanga, leaning into the absurdity of the world today with a strong focus on power and violence using immersive storytelling throughout his music. Max was commissioned by Dublin Fringe Festival to create an installation combining striking visuals and imagery while exploring the complexities of youth and nostalgia using his character Filmore!, which went on to receive the George Fitzmaurice Award for experimental art.

Please Note: Contains reference to mental health, depictions of violence and the use of smoke machines.

Age-advisory: 16 years +

Filmore! is a 2-part experience – اینجا کلیک کنید for information on the accompanying Escape Room Experience.
بلیط اجرای موسیقی 10 یورو
بلیت ترکیبی برای نصب و اجرای موسیقی 15 یورو

این رویداد به عنوان بخشی از برنامه Riverbank برای اولین دو هفته 2024 ارائه شده است.

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ژانویه 27
7: PM 00 ساعت محلی UTC تنظیم شده اند

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