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Eleanor Mcevoy

Eleanor McEvoy


Eleanor McEvoy achieved star status in Ireland in 1992 when her song “A Woman’s Heart” was the title track for the A Woman’s Heart anthology album.

Playing older genres of music – music hall, post war, 50s, 60s styles are combined with fragments of Spanish, Jazz, Mexican, classical, Russian and folk music and then juxtaposed with contemporary drums, bass, or drum loops to form something that feels both entirely new and utterly familiar.

Eleanor McEvoy will perform live from the مرکز هنری ساحل رودخانه مارس امسال

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مارس 4، 2022
8: PM 00 ساعت محلی UTC تنظیم شده اند

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مرکز هنری ساحل رودخانه
خیابان اصلی
شهرستان کیلدر
W12 D962



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