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مشاوره ازدواج فرد کوک و جولی جی


Fred Cooke (“I love Fred” – Tommy Tiernan) and Julie Jay (“Riotous Comedy” – The Irish Times) are back with their show مشاوره ازدواج, so-named because their relationship is quite literally hanging on by a thread. This year they are thrilled to be up the duff again after Julie orchestrated a surprise pregnancy, with her truly gas ruminations on married life offset by Fred’s high-octane storytelling and hilarious punchlines.

Expect “raucous riffs” (The Irish Times) and big, big laughs from Ireland’s favourite comedy couple.

مشاهده بیشتر

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اکتبر 28، 2023
8: PM 00 ساعت محلی UTC تنظیم شده اند

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